Ontario Home Energy Rebates

There’s good news for Ontario homeowners. Enbridge Gas and Canada Greener Homes Grant have partnered to facilitate rebates for energy-efficient upgrades carried out by homeowners. You will be counting those kilowatt hours delivered from the sun as the government has stepped in to help get you started. This includes foundation insulation, attic insulation, heat pumps, renewable energy systems, etc. The Greener Homes Grant and Enbridge HER+ (home efficiency rebate plus) are administered by Enbridge Gas and Natural Resources Canada.
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Leasing Solar Panels Ontario

Solar energy is a clean and renewable power source that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. As the cost of solar panels continues to decline and the efficiency of solar technology improves, many homeowners and businesses are turning to solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on electricity bills. In Ontario, one option for accessing solar energy in Canada is leasing solar panels.