What Ontario Homeowners Need to Know about Solar Power

Solar power continues to be in demand as people struggle with the climate crisis. More individuals are getting interested in knowing what they can do to reduce their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint. 

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

If you still haven’t decided about having solar panels installed in your home, here are some of the benefits that might convince you to make that change:

  • Property value. The value of the panels installed in your property will be added to your home value if ever you decide to sell. However, as much as possible, if you’re going to have solar power installed, have it done in a house you are sure to stay in for a long time. The payback for these panels would take around 8 to 10 years, and you would want to benefit from that when the right time comes.
  • Self-sufficiency. You will not depend on a third-party energy provider since you will have your own clean and sustainable energy source.
  • Reduction of carbon. These panels produce up to 10 times fewer carbon emissions for every energy unit than natural gas or carbon. 

What Solar Power System Should You Install?

You must first compute how much energy you usually use per year. Gather and add your accumulated hydro bills. This is better than getting only one bill and multiplying the amount by 12. It’s normal for energy consumption to go high during certain months and experience fluctuations in some months. 

Once you know the amount, you will divide your annual energy use by the yearly equivalent of full sunlight hours. The total will determine the size you need for your solar power system.

When you already know the size, you can ask the technician to help you assess the available space, and they can further explain the types and costs of solar panels.

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